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Engine Repair in Greensboro, NC

Depend on Continental Motors Inc. for comprehensive engine repair in Greensboro, NC. Since 1986, we've been the trusted, local source for cost-effective solutions for engine troubles of all makes and models, including imported and domestic vehicles. No job is too big or too small for our pros, as our facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Whether you've noticed a slight dip in performance or can't get your vehicle out of the driveway, you can trust us for an all-inclusive solution. Count on us for quality workmanship, attention to detail, and great customer service.

Repaired Engine in Greensboro, NC

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The engine is one of the most complex systems in your vehicle. A series of belts, pistons, gaskets, and other essential components all need to be in good, working order to keep your vehicle safe and efficient. The engine is so complex that service can range from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. Maximizing the value out of an engine is tricky business, so you'll want to make sure you choose an experienced auto mechanic for the best value.

Count on our pros for an honest and accurate estimate when you need engine service. Backed by four decades of experience and extensive training, we have the expertise necessary to properly resolve any engine issue. Our shop is ASE and ASA certified. These certifications let you know that we receive ongoing education about the latest advancements in automotive technologies, and that we use the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to resolve any type of engine issue. Our business also has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau, so you can trust that we do right by our customers.

Engine Tune-Ups Extend the Longevity of Your Vehicle

Time takes its toll on all things, including your vehicle. Dips in performance may be subtle at first, but decreased fuel economy and engine misfires are nothing to ignore. These issues put extra strain on your vehicle, shortening the lifespan of your engine. As good as our prices are, engine replacement isn't exactly cheap, so you'll want to make sure you have your vehicle regularly serviced by our reliable mechanic.

Depend on our pros to keep your vehicle running as efficiently as it did the day you drove it off the sales lot. Between our extensive knowledge and comprehensive diagnostic service, we keep your car running at its peak performance. We'll let you know when it's time for fluid changes, fuel injection, electrical work, and other essential maintenance.

Contact us for a free estimate for engine service. We proudly serve drivers from Greensboro, High Point, Pleasant Garden, Jamestown, and Kernersville, North Carolina.